Shia and Reagy Make a Come Back!

If you ever watched Appa Odiga subbed, there’s a high chance that you watched it from them. Their sites got shut down after other subbing sites shut down because of copy rights issues. However, they are back at it again!

They made a new forum. I won’t be sharing their links and urls here because I want them to stay for a long time. And please respect that.

You can ask me privately if you wish to know where to get an invitation.


Follow my twitter. I already tweeted the link to the application out.

And if you can’t backtrack, tweet me.

And if you’re still waiting for their approval, reply to the email I sent you and I’d probably send you the forum.


They deleted the invitation link so you would have to ask them yourselves.

If you really want, follow me on twitter and mention me, so I can DM you. I need to see you wouldn’t share the link publicly and that you’re not a computer. I don’t want to DM people that don’t have that many tweets or just made twitter for the purpose of asking.


I’m sorry, I don’t know sites anymore. I’ll try to look some up.

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77 thoughts on “Shia and Reagy Make a Come Back!

  1. hiii can you please tell me the link to register ?:) ive beem waitig for it like 3 weeks alrdy :( please email me jiiaying98(at)
    thankyou so much !:)

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